Come On In!

IMG_1372I’ve always heard this verse as an invitation for salvation. Reading it in the NLT gave me a different perspective. There is something very intimate about sharing a meal together. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords is looking for intimate friendship with us. How astounding is that? When was the last time you had dinner with a King?

Jesus wants to dine with you! He wants to sit down and converse with you. He wants to be your friend. The next time you sit down for a meal, imagine Him sitting across from you. Imagine Him sharing intimate details about His life that aren’t portrayed in scripture. What was He thinking and feeling during some of the events we know only from the perspective of the apostles? What was the atmosphere like in Heaven the day He stepped down from the throne to take on the form of human frailty?

I seriously doubt our list of prayer requests would even cross our mind during such an encounter. Our only focus would be on Him, and in that focus everything else dims in comparison.  

Lord, thank You for the gift of friendship with YOU. It is beyond my comprehension that You desire intimacy with me. What an honor and a privilege. Thank You that the gift of salvation is also a call to relationship. Yes, You are my LORD and SAVIOR, but You are also a friend who loves at all times. Lord, I give You an open invitation to the door of my life. Come in and dine with me, not occasionally, but daily. No need to knock, just come on in.


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