Revival: The 21 Day Challenge (Paperback)

Revival: The 21 Day Challenge (Kindle)

Rekindle your passion for God with “Revival: The 21 Day Challenge”. Do you want a vibrant relationship with God? Do you want your life to radiate Jesus in such a way that sinners are drawn to Christ through you? Do you want your life to inspire believers who have settled for the comfort of a lukewarm lifestyle? Your life can radically change In just twenty-one days. Experience personal revival in a way that not only impacts you but everyone around you. Only God can birth a Great Awakening, but personal revival is available for every believer who hungers for intimacy with God. Learn how you can have an eternal impact on the world.

Breakthrough: Prepare for Battle (Paperback)

Breakthrough: Prepare for Battle (Kindle)

The military wouldn’t think of sending a soldier into battle without extensive training, yet many believers struggle, unaware that God has given them a strategic battle plan to equip them to live life as an overcomer. As a Christian, you are a target of Satan. He seeks to kill, steal, and destroy you because you are made in the image of God. God has a plan and purpose for your life, and the enemy wants to steal your destiny.

Through Christ, you and I have inherited the promises and provision of God.
Are you ready to fight? If so, prepare for battle!