His Plans Stand Firm

IMG_1421Do you know God’s not shocked or shaken by anything you say or do? He saw every thought and action, before you ever took a breath. (Psalm 139:16, Isaiah 66:18, Hebrews 4:2) Unlike humanity, God isn’t constrained by time. Given this knowledge the Bible also tells us Jesus was slain before the foundation of the World. (Revelation 13:8) It’s mind boggling, right? He KNEW we would be evil, yet He not only created us but provided our redemption. 

Have you ever seen a movie based on a book you’ve read? I generally find the movie disappointing. I can’t ‘read’ the thoughts of actors on film, the way they are generally revealed in writing. God doesn’t have that dilemma. When He sees our life He sees past, present and future; He knows our intent and motives. Still, He assures us, His plans stand firm forever, His intentions can never be shaken. (Psalm 33:11)

I admit, this has often puzzled me. People often ask, “Why does God allow bad things to happen?” If He knows someone is going to commit an atrocity, why allow them to be born in the first place? Just because God knows something, doesn’t mean He approves of it. As parents, we know before our children are born that they will do things we do not approve of. No matter how wonderful our parenting skills are, we know they will choose to be disobedient at times. Does this knowledge keep us from having children? Of course not. Love drives us to endure the hardships of parenting.

The better question might be, “Why does God allow good things to happen?” Knowing that the heart of mankind … all of mankind … is deceitful and wicked (Jeremiah 17:9), He still chooses to bless us with life.

This life is simply the womb of eternity.

A few years ago God gave me a nugget of truth I cherish. This life is simply the womb of eternity. It is not an end but a beginning. God endures the hardship of parenting creation in order to spend eternity with those who choose Him.  His plans do not change. He created you with eternity in mind. His intentions are not shaken by your sin. He waits patiently for you to repent, in order for your fellowship with Him to be restored. God chose you, because He knew you would respond. 



Determine My Steps

IMG_1418Have you ever been lost? I mean, REALLY lost? It’s a terrifying feeling. You would think with the technology we have today, this wouldn’t be an issue. I have found myself in this predicament twice in my life. Somehow my GPS was as clueless as I was.  

The Bible talks a lot about direction. I challenge you today; do a Biblical word search on the following words: path, road, direction and lead.  

When we get in our cars we have a destination in mind and a planned path to get there. Are we as strategic with our life? Do we really believe God has a specific plan for our lives? If so, it would stand to reason that we need a spiritual GPS to guide us. We have one … The Holy Spirit!

IMG_1419Do you seek God’s direction in your decisions? Don’t leave life to chance. It’s too important. Ask God to lead, guide and direct you, daily. Seek His will before making any major decisions. The more intimate our relationship with God becomes, the easier it is to hear His voice. This doesn’t mean we always get it right. And that’s okay. God is capable of rerouting us. 

The Word say, “Broad is the road that leads to destruction.” (Matthew 7:13) Nothing is more frustrating than ending up at a dead end or getting stuck in a roundabout. It reminds me of those wind up toys for kids. Once they run into a wall they continue to hit it over and over again until they finally unwind.

Let’s seek to get it right the first time.

PRAY: Lord, thank You for Your faithfulness. Show me the right path Lord, and point out the road You have chosen for me. Lead, guide and direct my steps. Redirect me when I get off track. Give me wisdom and discernment. Protect me from deception. Father, I thank You that I do not have to travel this journey alone. You are with me! Your attention to detail is beyond comprehension. I trust You, Lord. Determine my steps. 





Speak Lord, I’m Listening-Day One


img_0276“For God may speak in one way, or in another, Yet man does not perceive it. – Job 33:14 NKJV

If we do not hear God the problem is not God. He is always speaking, always pursuing a relationship with us. If God is always speaking, why can’t we always hear Him?

According to Pastor Blake Bennett, of TheCity.church, if we want to hear God we must remove the obstacles of distraction and distance from our relationship with God.

We will talk more about this tomorrow. For today let’s focus on why it is important that we hear and recognize the voice of God.

▪️We have a role to play in what God is doing in our City as well as our church. If our connection with God is broken we will not know where we fit into God’s plan. We must move from a me mentality to a we mentality. We are called to be light and salt in our community. In order to accomplish this we must be plugged in to Jesus, the source of our strength.

▪️Our vision for the year should be based on God’s plans for our life, not ours. We may have the best of intentions, but if our plans do not line up with God’s purpose we labor in vain. God’s purpose for our lives will be far more fulfilling than our own. Proverbs 29:18 tells us, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

▪️ The driving fuel of our lives is the voice of God. If you want your car to run efficiently you must use the appropriate fuel. If you want your body to function properly, you must feed it the nutrients it was designed to consume. If you want to live a Spirit-led life you must allow the voice of God to be the driving force (fuel) of your life.

▪️You might be one word away from your destiny. One word from God can change your life! There have been times in my life where I knew without a doubt I was hearing God. These have been pivotal times in my life, times that are engraved on my heart. We will talk more about this in the days to come as well.

Prayer:   Father, speak … Your servant is listening. Help me Lord as I begin this time of prayer and fasting to hear You clearly. Teach me Lord, to be still and listen. Help me to fulfill Your call and purpose for my life in the coming year. Help my focus to be on Your plans, not mine. Here am I, Lord … send me. Have Your will and Your WAY in every area of my life. Be the driving force in my life, Lord. Speak Your destiny over me. In the precious name of Jesus, I pray. AMEN