Rekindle your passion for God with “Revival: The 21 Day Challenge”.image

  • Do you want a vibrant relationship with God?
  • Do you want your life to radiate Jesus in such a way that sinners are drawn to Christ through you?
  • Do you want your life to inspire believers who have settled for the comfort of a lukewarm lifestyle?

Your life can radically change In just twenty-one days. Experience personal revival in a way that not only impacts you but everyone around you.

Each day, Revival: The 21 Day Challenge includes:

  • A short, yet powerful Bible Study
  • Thought provoking reflection questions
  • An effective, fervent prayer

Only God can birth a Great Awakening, but personal revival is available for every believer who hungers for intimacy with God. Unlike many books on corporate revival, this book focuses on revival in the individual believer. Deb Wilson is passionate about revival. She has gone to great lengths to take powerful concepts and present them in a practical way.

Learn how you can have an eternal impact on the world.

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A few comments from readers:

“This book and the challenge that came with it has blessed my life, you took all the important things we need to do as Christians and broke it all down. It helped me see my weak areas which I need to work on and inspired me to keep moving forward in faith, to reach out to others more and above all things make God the Authority of my life.” – Debra S., Callahan, FL

“I am so amazed at how in sync this 21 day challenge has been with me and my walk. Everyday has been exactly for me.” – Jean M., Jacksonville, FL

“I feel that each day is written just for me, and I truly do feel revival in my life! God is moving in big ways!” – Stephanie D., Jacksonville, FL

“This lesson spoke revelation to me! It brought all the pieces together and made our place in the body make sense. I get it! Oh, and the prayer part; it must be a bookmark in your book for us to pray. So powerful! I’m going to print it out for myself. I see now why God put the writing of this book so heavily upon you. His children need to know what we need to do to help, not only for our own self revival, but for all our companions is Christ. Eye opener!!!!!!” – Lori B, Jacksonville, FL

“I’m so thankful to be on this journey with you Deb. Your conviction and writing are inspiring. The daily questions are not only thought provoking, but help break down the daily lesson in a very practical and creative way. The use of music references, love letters, and vivid images help me reflect on revival in a completely different way. It is multi-sensory and engulfs me in the process. Thank you, Deb, and the group, for a great first week!” – Melody B., Jacksonville, FL