The True Value of a Woman

IMG_1303Many women suffer from low self esteem because our world puts so much emphasis on external beauty. King Lemuel’s mother knew the true value of a woman is found in her relationship with God.

We don’t hear a lot of messages these days on “the fear of the Lord”. People think of fear as a negative emotion. According to Matthew Henry’s commentary to fear the Lord means to revere, serve and worship Him. There is nothing negative about fear in this context. In fact Proverbs 1:7 teaches us: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

A virtuous woman doesn’t allow culture to define her worth. Her relationship with God enhances her relationship with others because her priorities are in order and she can love from a place of authenticity. When we seek to attract others through charm we become deceptive because we slip into people-pleasing mode.

IMG_0616And what of  beauty? There is nothing wrong with trying to look your best, but don’t judge your beauty by comparing yourself to others. I always had low  self esteem until one day the Lord opened my eyes to my own misperceptions of my appearance. I found my high School graduation picture and realized just how attractive I actually was. It saddened me to realize how insecure I had been because I thought I was unattractive. There will always be someone prettier than you, but that doesn’t distract from your beauty unless you allow it to. And as today’s verse reminds us … “beauty is fleeting.” When you pass away people won’t care about how beautiful you were on the outside. They will remember you for the woman you were on the inside.

Focus on the internal and God will attract the right people to you. I’m not just speaking of romantic attraction. A well rounded woman has a circle of friends who also bring balance and fulfillment to her life. Surround yourself with Godly women who can be a source of wisdom, encouragement and correction in your life.

God created you uniquely and you are beautiful!



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