Hidden Things

IMG_1289Remember the excitement you felt when you were a child and someone whispered, “hey, wanna know a secret?” It made you feel special to be included and trusted with whatever nugget they were going to reveal. Unfortunately, most of those little secrets turned out to be gossip. Right? 

But GOD … the God who created the universe, the master of mysteries wants to share hidden things with you, great and mighty things! Nothing could possibly make you feel as cherished as a word from the one who not only created you, but gave His life for you. 

His hidden treasures breathe life into dead situations. His secrets bring healing and restoration into broken lives and hearts. One word from the Almighty can change your life. I know this because I have experienced it. Once, when God showed me how He was going to take something that nearly broke me, and use it for a specific purpose, and again as I was interceding for someone I dearly love. Both times, His words gave me hope. One gave me purpose and one gave me peace. 

God is not distant. He is a prayer away. Call out to Him. He will answer. Quiet your spirit enough to hear Him whisper the great and hidden truths He wants to share with you alone. 

Pray: Father, I am calling out to you. I thank You that You are the solution to every situation I will ever experience. You long to share Your wisdom with Your children. Your words bring life and healing when there seems to be no way. You are a way-maker. You will not withhold anything good from those who seek You. Speak Lord. I long to hear Your voice. Help me to shut out all the noise around me, to lay aside the distractions so I can hear You clearly. 


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