Mysterious Maker

IMG_1254I love contemplating the mystery of creation. While science seeks to disprove a divine design, I find it takes much more faith to believe that the majestic complexity of life came about by shear chance.

Every time I board a 747, I am amazed by the intelligence it took to build a machine that weighs 403,500 pounds and flies at 570 mph. Were I to believe this magnificent design was formed by chance, without a creator, I would be deemed a fool … and rightly so.

God cannot be dismissed, simply because he cannot be understood by the limitations of the human brain. Several years ago I was watching a colony of ants busy at work. After observing them for a few minutes I realized trying to comprehend God would be like those ants trying to understand me.

What astounds me even more than His creation, is His capacity to love. Why would a God, capable of speaking 8.7 million known species into existence choose to love me?  And yet, He does. The Word of God details His passionate pursuit of a relationship with the works of His hands.

Imagine that. You and I are deeply loved by the maker of all things.

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