Speak Lord, I’m Listening-Day One


img_0276“For God may speak in one way, or in another, Yet man does not perceive it. – Job 33:14 NKJV

If we do not hear God the problem is not God. He is always speaking, always pursuing a relationship with us. If God is always speaking, why can’t we always hear Him?

According to Pastor Blake Bennett, of TheCity.church, if we want to hear God we must remove the obstacles of distraction and distance from our relationship with God.

We will talk more about this tomorrow. For today let’s focus on why it is important that we hear and recognize the voice of God.

▪️We have a role to play in what God is doing in our City as well as our church. If our connection with God is broken we will not know where we fit into God’s plan. We must move from a me mentality to a we mentality. We are called to be light and salt in our community. In order to accomplish this we must be plugged in to Jesus, the source of our strength.

▪️Our vision for the year should be based on God’s plans for our life, not ours. We may have the best of intentions, but if our plans do not line up with God’s purpose we labor in vain. God’s purpose for our lives will be far more fulfilling than our own. Proverbs 29:18 tells us, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

▪️ The driving fuel of our lives is the voice of God. If you want your car to run efficiently you must use the appropriate fuel. If you want your body to function properly, you must feed it the nutrients it was designed to consume. If you want to live a Spirit-led life you must allow the voice of God to be the driving force (fuel) of your life.

▪️You might be one word away from your destiny. One word from God can change your life! There have been times in my life where I knew without a doubt I was hearing God. These have been pivotal times in my life, times that are engraved on my heart. We will talk more about this in the days to come as well.

Prayer:   Father, speak … Your servant is listening. Help me Lord as I begin this time of prayer and fasting to hear You clearly. Teach me Lord, to be still and listen. Help me to fulfill Your call and purpose for my life in the coming year. Help my focus to be on Your plans, not mine. Here am I, Lord … send me. Have Your will and Your WAY in every area of my life. Be the driving force in my life, Lord. Speak Your destiny over me. In the precious name of Jesus, I pray. AMEN

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